Our Commitment to Carleton

Carleton College Class of 2020,

As the “Congrats on graduating!” messages fade out, you’ll start getting the “What are you doing now?” questions. For your well-intentioned family and friends, it’s a way of starting a conversation. For you, it may be a really uncomfortable conversation that you’re really not trying to have. What they could be asking you, and perhaps what you should be asking yourself, is “Where do you want to solve problems?”

Is it Public Health? Sustainability? Transportation? Where do you want to apply your talents to change the world? Carleton may not have given you many technical skills, but it did instill in you the desire to make an impact. The classes you took and the lessons you learned are going to help you one day, we just need to get you there.

We can’t relate to entering the job market in a post-Covid world, but we’ve been thinking long and hard about how to be part of the solution. The best thing we can do is give you our Carleton network, which is actually also yours now since you’ve graduated.

Below is a list of 21 Carleton alumni on Homi who’ve created mobile videos about their careers so that they can help you with yours. We’ve talked to each one of them personally and they’re all super excited to help. Homi is our pledge to help future generations of Carleton grads and we have 1,500+ alumni signed up who are willing to do the same.

The app is available on the Apple App Store or Google Play. There are currently 1,500+ alumni already signed up, with more joining every day. If you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for, please stay tuned! Also please let us know how we can make Homi work better for you.

Categorized by where they’re making an impact:

John Sears, Head of Fleet Data Science and Analytics, Keep Truckin
Sebastian Tovar Montanez, Domestic Revenue Management Analyst, United Airlines

Holly Buttrey, Senior Assistant Dean of Admissions, Carleton College
Chris Anisowicz, Admissions, General Assembly

Dan Gero, Senior Associate Consultant, Avant Energy Inc.

Jeffrey Mattias Bissoy, Web Content Writer, American Public Media Group

Bill McKinney, ex-McKinsey, Thrivent Financial
Nathan Mannes, Software Engineer, Sezzle
Hayden Tsutsui, Trader, 3Red Trading
Sawyer Middeleer, Brand Manager, Thrasio
James “Jamie” Hague, Founder, Janian Investment Advisers, LLC

Alicia Flatt, Federal Senior Consultant, Deloitte

Linnea Bullion, Photographer, Linnea Bullion Photography

Phoebe Smith, Account Executive, Jamf
Matt Cotter, Software Engineer, ex-Mongo DB, Hudson River Trading
Hami Abdi, Full-Stack Software Engineer, ALICE Technologies Inc.
Makala Hieshima, UX Engineer, CrowdStrike
Tristan Leigh, Software Engineer, Unblockable, Inc.
Yuta Baba, Data Scientist, Snowflake
Austin Neureiter, Content Coordinator, Streamwerke GmbH
Ben Gagnon, Digital Product Operations Specialist, Philip Morris International

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